Independent core technology

GOSPOWER is proficient in digital power supply technology, with a core R&D team of over 300 people. With its power supply technology advantages, it has in-depth interaction and long-term cooperation with the upstream battery manufacturing and downstream battery application industries, participating in and promoting the formulation and implementation of industry standards.

PLM Management

The product design process is automated through digital twin models for design and inspection, and DFX validation is performed through Valor; It can provide multiple model data such as 3D digital prototype, circuit simulation, electromagnetic simulation, and simplify customer product design, enabling Industry 4.0.

Lean production unit automation

Continue to carry out lean production research, starting with unit automation, and gradually improve the automation capabilities of various processes, including outsourcing of automation units, automation processes, self design, etc., to enhance the general capabilities of equipment and automated production, and improve the reliability of production processes.

Technology Platformization

Various typical topology technologies are platform-based, fully digital control schemes are adopted and flexibly applied, forming a complete and mature development scheme from a single power module to a power system, improving the efficiency of the research and development team.

Software platformization

The software platform is based on a mature modular programming framework, which completely decouples and separates the application layer, power layer, and chip layer programs. Therefore, when switching multiple MCU platforms, the entire series of products can still be efficiently developed and iterated.

Device platformization

Normalization uses high reliability standard control devices, MCU/DSP/DSC, and power devices to achieve device generalization at the production line end; At the same time, it has signed a warranty agreement with the original factory of TI/ST and is an important buyer of its standard devices such as Mos/DSP.

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