"Cohesion to create resplendence again" - Report on the group construction of the sales system of Gausbao Electric in 2021
  • At the end of the year in southern China, in warm Shenzhen, the sales system just finished its monthly summary work, and the sales system completed its annual sales target one month ahead of schedule. We welcome a short rest, and then turn to the planning and formulation of the 2022 goal, which is what we call to continue to work hard and climb again!

    After the baptism of the epidemic, the continuous decline of international trade, the domestic economic downturn and many other adverse factors, Gauss Treasure adjusted its business strategy at the right time, gave play to the advantages of years of technical accumulation, and achieved growth against the trend. At the same time, it actively promoted product upgrading, deepened lean production, and improved the introduction and training of talents. It is in such a big environment that the sales system colleagues overcome difficulties. They have become an excellent team that can fight and win by virtue of their strong fighting spirit and constant learning and growth.

    Taking this opportunity, the sales system carried out a unique group building activity. With the strong support of the company's leaders, the whole staff actively responded from the plan formulation, approval at all levels, and personnel confirmation to the next day. This style also fully reflects the vigorous attitude of the Gausbau people. It took only three months for a project to be delivered in large quantities, which is also a story passed on from mouth to mouth and we are proud of.

    Everything is ready except for the east wind. On December 11, the weather was beautiful, cloudless, and the temperature was appropriate. After finishing the morning work, everyone started on time after lunch. The weather, location and people are harmonious, which makes it convenient for us to arrive at the base on time.

    The first project is mountain off-road vehicle:

    At first glance, I was really shocked by the sound of the car's motor. After listening to the coach explain the safety points and precautions, everyone forms a team. The driver must have a driver's license and driving experience. Fortunately, our sales staff are both drivers in addition to salesmen. One person can do more than one job. This is a small case. The coach car in front leads the team, and a dozen cars behind follow. Needless to say, the steep mountain road is also extremely difficult to drive. If you are not careful, the car may overturn.

    Along the way, mutual trust and encouragement between partners are too much tested. After the motorcade, the dust rolled up and filled the whole mountain. After half a journey, everyone became familiar with the control of the vehicle, and the journey became smooth. When a car stalls in the middle of the journey, the front car waits and the rear car helps. Everyone keeps moving in a team from beginning to end.

    "If you win, you will toast, if you lose, you will fight to save", which is the embodiment of the team consciousness and team fighting ability of the Gausbao people.

    After several hours of muddling, the sun has set. Tired, everyone came to the hotel to check in and gather for dinner. The activity in the evening is to soak in the hot spring. We can soak away the hard work, fatigue and mud of the whole year. We will continue tomorrow!

    The next morning, everyone woke up naturally. The colleague who gets up early takes a walk on the beach. After breakfast, everyone is free. Our little family members also took an active part in this activity. Most of the dolls' parents completed several life events in Gospel, including love, marriage and having children. It can be said that their youth grew up together with Gauss Bao, and they have a different affection for Gauss Bao.

    Here, there is such a stem:

    General Manager Liu of Sales Department II asked his little daughter:

    "Where is Dad from?"

    ”The child answered naively, "It's a Gaussbauer." Everyone roared with laughter!

    Yes, we are all "Gauss Bao people"!

    This is pride, pride, mission and responsibility!

    In the afternoon of the next day, one of the most anticipated projects of the group construction - sailing. After lunch, everyone came to the sailing base. The sea, sunshine and breeze were all well prepared for us. When we boarded the ship and set out, everyone cheered!

    In 2022, we set sail and set out again!

    The beautiful implication will certainly enable us to overcome difficulties and overcome obstacles in 2022!