• 2006year

    POE power supply business

    Establish a power supply business unit to undertake POE server power orders; Start accumulating technology and exploring new product directions

  • 2016year

    Netcom Device Power Service

    The construction of 4G network infrastructure has exploded, and various digital power supplies used for network communication equipment have become the company's core products, helping the company achieve expansion

  • 2018year

    Server power supply business

    The server power supply has first passed the latest standard 80Plus Platinum&Qinjin certification and gained market recognition, ranking among the top 8 in global server power supply shipments

  • 2020year

    Building a digital power supply technology platform

    Integrate accumulated digital power technology, systematically build a digital power technology platform, and invest in research and cooperation in more segmented industries

  • 2022year

    New energy/energy storage business

    The application of digital power in the household Charging station market has completed product transformation, and the application of digital power in the distributed photovoltaic system, bond electric energy storage and other markets has completed research and development

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